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Former Students Say:

"She took you from whatever level you came in at and encouraged you in the direction you choose. She was very good at explaining things without being too wordy and at answering any and all questions."

"Demonstrations were most helpful in area of skills. Virginia's clarity in explaining and demonstrating skills was excellent. Her teaching ability and friendly, helpful attitude provided an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere!"

"The most helpful to me were the various techniques used to accomplish certain effects. The instructor was very helpful and encouraging to all — as a class and as individuals."

"The teacher is in love with watercolor and it is contagious!"

Individual Feedback

You may only need a session or two. Most frequently, one-one consultations are used on an "as-needed" basis. However, some people prefer learning on an independent study basis. Independent study is their choice from the start.

One-hour sessions are usually adequate.


Year 2018 News

Welcome to Huber School Press web page:

If you are re-visiting the site after several years time, you may be surprised that no classes or workshops are listed. After a period of nearly thirty years of classroom teaching, I've retired from teaching classes. It came after a couple of years of ill health. I'm fine now, just older!! I am working with art students as I did many years ago when I was learning to teach - one to one.

I've also spent the intervening years writing Trusting the Muses, a handbook for art students who are learning watercolor painting on their own. That is really all of us, when it comes down to it. The moment we look for our own pathway as artists, we all are truly "on our own."

Trusting the Muses is available! This 150+ page book includes many chapters on painting with watercolors, and features sample audio warm up sessions: $29.95 + $5 for mailing. Visit the Trusting the Muses page for more details.

About the Instructor

Teaching for me in 1977-83 was either in my studio (which was over my garage) or making house calls. It was all one-to-one, people of all ages. In 1983 I began to teach watercolor and drawing classes for UW-Madison-Outreach Division, as well as other University programs in Wisconsin, such as Baraboo, Richland Center, and Rhinelander School of the Arts week-long workshops (for 8 years).

As a "returning adult" I earned BSFA('79) and MSEd. ('89) degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Out of this came a handbook for art teachers, INDIVIDUALITY AND THE EVENING ART COURSE, The Art of Teaching Art to Adults ('89). In 1995 I resumed my private teaching practice, but this time under the name, Huber School, LLC. We held classes in rented classrooms or we traveled to other locations to present workshops. I continued to meet with independent learners for consultations and one to one art lessons.

I like to show my art in one-person shows where I can elaborate on themes which generally focus on people. I have had numerous one person shows since 1980, and am represented in hundreds of private and public collections world wide.

I am a founding member of theSix Wisconsin artists showing in the Madison, WI, area.

Please go to the Gallery page to see examples of my art.

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