14" X 18" © virginia huber, 2004.

My host and I traveled Tokyo and Saitama by subway. I had time to watch other subway passengers and to learn. I noticed this faithful young mother and her little child. It took me back to my child bearing days.


14" X 18" © virginia huber.

It seems everyone watches everyone else as they ride public transportation. Each watch others with respect for boundaries. Here was a family gathering that I glanced at over a period of time and I noticed that they glanced at this American visitor also. Later, I sketched my memory of the extended family.



14" X 18" © virginia huber, 2004.

Some people can sleep anywhere. I sketched this elderly woman on my final train ride in Japan as I was sitting before her. We were behind schedule and both Machiko and I were feeling stressed about this. But here was this woman, peacefully asleep on the train. I became aware of my own stress level in contrast to the elderly woman's peacefulness. Sketching is for me a comfort and a means to slow myself down. Machiko Kitayama watched me sketch and it appeared to calm her also. Sketching is calming, watching someone sketch is calming, and of course so is sleep!


20" x 16" © virginia huber, 2004.

There was as much sightseeing as could be wedged into one week, each to his/her own taste. Our hosts served as personal guides, asking us to make requests. On this trip I did very little exploration beyond the art scene in Saitama and Tokyo. My wish was to feel some introductory acquaintance with Japan on this visit and then return again another year to see more. The Ginza section of Tokyo is like no other city I've been in. Architectural facets seem to glisten.


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