What should you pack when you're traveling half way around the world? I needed to pack watercolor supplies for my demonstration. Those were already in my suit case. I had enjoyed choosing gifts for my Japanese hosts and friends. I wanted to wrap each gift when I got to Japan at the time of presentation, so some wrapping paper and special cords were tucked away in suit case pockets. We were asked to prepare for a Japanese-American potluck supper. My contribution would be a plate of corn bread. I purchased two boxes of corn bread mix in the event that my first attempt failed. So all of that was taken care of. But what clothes could be wrapped around these items? It was autumn, so it seemed sensible to pack autumn clothes. But which autumn clothes? This little drawing was the first of the Saitama Journal series, completed just before our departure to Japan in 2002. I emailed it far and wide. Many people wrote back to help me along with my fashion decision - red dress or turqoise.



"14 X 18" © virginia huber, 2004.

Cutting loose from daily concerns and responsibilities is difficult. This woman sat across from me at the airport as we waited to board our plane. As she was taking care of last minute business, I remembered the things I wished I had packed instead of the things I did pack.


20" X 16" © virginia huber, 2004.

Very quickly a group of travelers learns who can be depended upon for what need. One person will listen to life stories and offer consolation. Another will run after you if belongings have been left behind. Still another will have remembered to bring towelettes and throat lozenges. The person portrayed here can be counted on for the correct time.



18" x 14" © virginia huber, 2003.

Waiting through delays would be a lot easier if you knew how much longer the wait would really be.

Here's another traveler, viewed from across the waiting room. Had I turned my sketch book on any one of us, you would see the same in our faces.

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