About the Artist

My art actually begins during the times I'm out somewhere and see something happening. If the event makes it onto a piece of paper, it might or might not make it to the painting stage. I do lots more drawings than paintings. But say it does. The sex, age, clothes of the person or people portrayed would be changed to protect individual identity. (If you believe you recognize someone you know, it's purely coincidental.) I make all my stories up!

Which leads me to my own story . I grew up in Washington, DC in the forties after the War (WWII) a time when mothers were home without a car, children wandered the neighborhood, dogs were off leash, and empty lots were being excavated for new homes and businesses. I had lots of free time to people-watch and make up stories about what they were doing and why they were doing it. I also visited many adult friends to follow them through part of their day.

My favorite question for them was, "What are you gonna do next?"

Even today, my art speaks to that very question.

For more information, please view my Resume.

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